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What is this site?

Divulgazione Chimica is an initiative designed and supported by the cultural association Chimicare – a non-profit organization that has the primary purpose for the dissemination and promotion of the culture of chemistry, in particular for the outsiders – with the goal of presenting a showcase of selected, organized and unitary scientific initiatives aimed at an audience of interested people.   Dissemination, training, publishing, entertainment, debate and much more, meant for adults but also for children, in any form or physical site, but always preserving the scientific content, are all our field of interest and the object of our work here at Divulgazione Chimica.

According to our selected priorities, we follow the purpose of making them the leitmotif of the same association which all editors of Divulgazione Chimica belong, and a particular attention will be paid, from a geographical point of view, to what happens on the Italian territory, and from the thematic point of view of chemistry discipline for which there is a systematic and exhaustive examination of the offer, plus an updated review of most important international events. Also the disclosure of other scientific disciplines will be object of interest of our editorial staff, especially when chemistry shares main relationships: from physics to biology, from medicine to Earth Sciences and so on.

If you are interested in a structured and continuous cooperation – of course always with non-profit intention – you can send your question with some more information about you to the address of the cultural association Chimicare: